St John's Church, 625 Liverpool Rd, Ainsdale, Southport. PR8 3QE.

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Instruction by Sensei Alan Hughes (6th Dan) and Sensei Danny Hughes (3rd Dan)

Training Times

Juniors 6.15 - 7.15pm Wednesday and Friday

Adults 6.30 - 8.00pm Wednesday and Friday

Southport’s longest running Karate Club. Established over 45 years.

(Following the teaching of Sensei Steve Cattle)

Everybody is welcome to train at Southport Karate Club
Suitable for ages 7+ from total beginner to black belt, Southport Karate provides excellent training in the martial art of Shotokan Karate, self defence, self confidence, flexibility and fitness.

Southport Karate Club is affiliated to the Hara Shotokan Academy
The academy was established in 2000 and is predominantly dedicated to the art of Shotokan Karate, that is not to say that we are blinkered towards other styles, after all karate is karate.
Our senior sensei's Ken Button, Andy McDonald and Alan Hughes have all been members of some larger Shotokan groups from the early seventies and all of us have trained with some great masters over the years, some of them whom have sadly passed away; they shall never be forgotten as they are used as inspiration in just about every lesson at some point.
The senior sensei's work very close together to create a group of dedicated students both young and old who are willing to progress in the ever changing world of Shotokan Karate.
Over the years since the academy started we have lost and gained students just the same as any other group, this we consider a challenge to us all, as it is part of the great book of life. Karate can be done for short or long periods, whichever route you choose we feel it needs to have the basic ingredients: dedication, fulfilment and happiness, with these you can achieve your ambitions.
The Academy prides itself on being part of a large family within the circle of karate, if you feel you have something to contribute, please do not hesitate in contacting us, we are always willing to make contact with friends we have not yet met.
Please enjoy our Academy and remember, 'In Friendship We Train'.

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St John's Church, 625 Liverpool Rd, Ainsdale, Southport. PR8 3QE.